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Henry Covington Memorial FundThe Henry Covington Memorial Fund provides an opportunity for you to privately assist the Covington family during this difficult time. Your donation will directly help Pastor Covington’s family transition and move forward. Thank you for your support.

Pastor Henry CovingtonI am Henry P. Covington, Senior Pastor of I am My Brother's Keeper Ministries. The husband of one wife, Annette Covington. Married over 27 years. The father of four children—three daughters: Keyshia, Lakema, Tiffany; and one son: Kendrick.

Born and raised on the streets of New York, I—Henry Covington, formerly known as "Bo"—grew up in the mean streets of the ghetto. Exposed to many of the harsh realities associated with urban life, I became a product of my environment. By age 9 I had graduated from drinking beer, wine, and liquor to snorting heroin. By age 16, car thefts, burglaries, and armed robberies had become routine. Before age 30, I spent 3½ years in state prison (for a crime I didn't commit). I came out and became a notorious drug dealer, only to wind up a hopeless abuser of crack, heroin, and alcohol.

On Easter Sunday of 1987, the Lord showed His mercy on me by delivering me from this path that I was so recklessly pursuing—a path that was leading to my own destruction.

Pilgrim Church and Homeless ShelterIn August of that year, I joined Pilgrim Church, a ministry located in the Brushwick section of Brooklyn. For the next five years, the Lord—through the tutorage of Bishop Roy E. Brown—would prepare me for a future work.

On October 9th, 1992, at the request of Bishop Brown, I moved my family to Detroit, Michigan, where we became the first members of the Pilgrim Church of Detroit. As Deacon of the church and caretaker of the property, I served in many different capacities. Over the years, the Lord would elevate me from Deacon to Elder; from Elder to State Youth Pastor; and from Youth Pastor to Senior Pastor of I Am My Brother's Keeper Ministries. Then on January 18, 1998, I was officially installed as the Senior Pastor of the Pilgrim Church of Detroit.

Service Times:

Sunday Worship: 11:00am
Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm
Friday Family Night and Prayer Service: 6:00pm

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